Project Management

Posted: August 6, 2007 in interactive fiction, Textfyre

Programming started on the first game last week and in order to keep track of progress, issues, bugs, enhancements, and the design document, we needed a system to handle all of this. The most common open source choice seems to be Bugzilla, but I’ve always thought it was a little too rough. I asked around and learned about Trac, which also has the benefit of integrating with Subversion, a source control system that I’m familiar with.

So we installed both of these systems on a server and after quite a bit of painful configuration, got it all wired together and working properly. We’re still not sure why we can’t view Subversion files in Trac, but we’ll figure that out eventually.

We have two projects setup, one for the first game and one for the second game, which is still in the design stage. The first project is going very well. Graeme Jefferis is on his seventh revision and making excellent progress. Our design -> writing -> programming process is still holding up. Graeme has been especially astute at finding holes in our design and missing responses. We’re logging these as issues within Trac and Mike Gentry is busy updating the design document to fill in the gaps in response to the new issues.

I’ve already started play-testing and have submitted a few tickets myself.

We implemented Subversion on the entire Inform directory that Graeme is working against. He’s set Subversion to ignore his other projects and so when we do an export of the project, we’re basically getting everything we need to open the project up locally in Inform 7. This has worked flawlessly and I can easily see us using multiple programmers on the same project.

All in all, I’d say our game development process is working very well and the theory behind it is beoming a proven one.


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