Archive for January, 2008

A couple of things are happening right now as we prepare for launch.

In regards to content, we’re very busy testing and increasing the quality of Secret Letter. In conjunction, we’re also working on the design and writing for the second Miradania game, Trials of the Vedd. The first game in the second series, Klockwerk – The Shadow in the Cathedral, continues to to near its design completion and we will begin implementation in the coming months. We have other content in development and we will report their progress in the coming months.

On the user interface front, we have clear milestones to achieve and we’re working with consulting partners to complete those tasks. We should have a solid beta product within the next month or two.

We’ve begun working with marketing consultants to develop and refine our strategies for getting the word out on our company and our products.

And we are now in a major push to locate and obtain investment funds that will allow us to implement our marketing strategy at a high level. We would like to ask anyone with contacts in the angel investor world to bring our company to their attention and have them contact me directly at david/at/textfyre/dot/com or they can call me directly on my cell phone at 630 803 4302.