Archive for August, 2008

We’ve made considerable progress on the new user interface and I’ve provided a snapshot of where we’re going. Thomas Lynge from Tenteo has been great and our new Art Director Will Capellaro really has a great feel for where we want to go with having a unique design. A┬ádesign that brings Interactive Fiction into the 21st century, but also doesn’t take away from the text.

The artwork in the snapshot is just rough drawings and do not represent the final look and feel. Will and I met on Monday night for dinner and worked through exactly how the user interface will function and what artwork is going to be required to get there. In the end we will be able to provide all of the UI functionality from within the book metaphor. There will be bent corners to turn the page for various tasks like reviewing achievements, viewing the map, and viewing hint topics. There will be a standard menu for save/load, and application help. The screen will also be resizable. I’m not sure how flexible we can make the font usage, but we’ll do whatever we can to make it as user-friendly as possible.

We will use more or less the same metaphor for Klockwerk and then Giant Leaps will probably change to something more like a standard high school assignment notebook with extra information on the right side. Paul O’Brian is going to help design the Giant Leaps user interface.

We’re also going to hire live actors for a modeling session to nail down the look of the main characters. This should help make our characters look like real people and give the artwork more consistency.

We’re plugging along and a lot of things are starting to come together. Stay tuned.