Rough images of Secret Letter user interface...

The images to the left (click to see larger image) are rough implementations of the user interface for Jack Toresal and The Secret Letter.

The first image shows the closed book with a cover. After clicking the book, the title page is shown including credits. Clicking on the right page will take you to the table of contents, which is a menu of sorts to play the game, save it, review maps, see hints, and get help. After clicking Start New Game, the prologue shown and clicking on the right page again will take you to the game page itself. The game plays on the left while the right side will display pictures, conversation topics, hint topics, help, and more.

In the last two images you see the game being played and a list of topics when a character is engaged in conversation. These topics can be clicked or the number can be entered into the interface.

Note that these are rough images of a design in progress. We’re still debating other features like where to display the map and hints (potentially as the inside front and back covers). The artwork is not what would appear in the final product either. We’re still working through the list of required artwork and that will be a sizable effort to complete.

Which brings me to the subject of cash flow. Up until now I have refrained from discussing monetary matters outside of the hints about looking for funding. We’re at a point where my personal funds won’t meet the needs of the company. We’re actively seeking investors or partnerships that will allow us to move the company from start-up mode to being a full-time job for myself and others. This is necessary to drive the products to completion and actively work on future products. Needless to say, looking for loans or credit of any type in today’s financial world is laughable at best.  I’m not sure if anyone out there can help us find investors or partners, but if you can and believe in what we’re trying to accomplish, now is the time to step forward.

  1. marcpryde says:

    The UI does have potential. I passed the picture by the misses who dislikes IF but loves fanfiction/online novels/novels. Though her response was a passing glance, it actually slowed her down. I think she has some innate rappor with a UI like that but probably of a different genre (since she’s not your target audience).

    You made an attempt to show what conversations would be like; however, I didn’t get a good feel for flow of story. I.e. Entering a command, then does the text scroll, do the pages turn, or does the text/illustrations simply disappear and reappear with updated information? I think your choice will indicate whether you are putting together a fancier IF UI, just putting together a UI to get it done or putting together a UI with a distinct and contemporary feel distinct from IF (after all scrolling backwards is turning back through the pages and undo is discarding all pages from a single point forward, let’s rewrite the story.)

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