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We completed the initial publishing process last night and added the Intel Mac installation this morning (it’s 5am by me).

You can purchase Secret Letter, for $24.95, from the Textfyre.Com website.

Thanks goes out to Justine de Vesine for building the Mac installation package and to Thomas Lynge of Tenteo for all of his hard work and their partnership respectively.

We still have a lot of work to do. We’re just getting started.


I’m working on the last few bits here. The digital download process is complicated and I want to make sure we test it thoroughly. The installation packages are backed and ready to go. We’re almost there…

One more day…

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Secret Letter Cover

Everything is coming together…check out the new cover!

We’ve been at this for a few years now and I’ve gone through several artists and one art director in the process.

I originaly worked with a local artist, Erika Swanson and thought she had a strong feel for the Secret Letter story and characters. We hit a few snags in art direction and she moved on.

I then started working with an art director, Will Capellaro, and that was a fantastic experience, except for the part where he decided to move on and do other things. But before he left, he helped me find Goni Montes, a great artist that also had a strong feel for Secret Letter. Goni unfortunately found other work and moved on as well. His wife stepped in and drew the game map, but we were in dire need of someone to do the artwork for the release of the game.

I contacted Erika, wondering if she still felt some ownership for the work and she did. With the experience I gained working with Will and Goni, I was finally able to communicate properly with Erika and we’re now getting sketches ready for the release. Eventually, the game will have several dozen professional sketches.

I could have delayed releasing the games until we had stronger artwork, but my advisors suggested this was not really the core of the product and that we can always add artwork in patches and updates, which is what we’re planning to do.

The image I’ve shared of Jack looking down at Grubber’s Market done by Goni is great, but it will not appear in the final product.

We’re working like crazy to get everything ready for Friday. I just wanted to share this last bit of production news before we officially launch.

In the presale announcement, I mentioned that the online demonstration versions of our software will require Silverlight, but I did not note that Silverlight is also installed as a part of the downloaded product.

Because of licensing issues with Silverlight 2.0, we are required to have the user download and install Silverlight from the Official Silverlight Website.

Silverlight 3.0 has an “install local” feature that we will implement in July and this will make the download and installation process seamless.

We will continue to look at other cross-platform technologies, including Adobe Air and potentially C++ with a cross-platform toolkit, but right now, the best technology for our developers has been Silverlight.

If anyone has already purchased our games and would prefer not to use Silverlight and would like a refund, please let me know and I will be happy to refund your purchase.

A funny thing happened while talking to several of my advisors recently. They said, “What are you waiting for?”

I’ve been nitpicking at Secret Letter for months now. I want more artwork in the game, but the reality is, it doesn’t require it and artwork takes an enormous amount of time and effort. I’ll add the artwork in upgrades over time, but we’re going to publish Jack Toresal and The Secret Letter this month. There is a short list of minor fixes, some minimal amount of artwork, and packaging to complete and then it will go on sale as a Windows and Mac OS X download.

The price will be $24.95 with free upgrades. I may offer a presale of The Shadow in the Cathedral in combination with a discount if the timing is right. Shadow is coming together quickly and will run generally in the same user interface as Secret Letter.

So get ready….Secret Letter is on the way very soon!