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We’re wrapping up Secret Letter 2.0 and Shadow 1.0 over the next few days. Secret Letter has significant changes to the middle and ending, plus there are new images and some UI changes in the Deluxe Edition. Shadow has gone through exhaustive testing, although I’m still having a few people run through it to get those last second issues.

Jennifer Montes is once again doing a set of maps for Shadow (she did the map for Secret Letter that every has loved) and I’m hoping we can get her work into the final product by the 6th. If not, it will be e-mailed to all customers or a link will be provided in the new customer section of the website.

Speaking of the customer section of the website…we’re diligently working on it and although you can register and login, there’s really nothing to see quite yet. We’re going through some business model tweakings and this section may be handled in several different ways. We’re trying to nail down the Classroom Editions of each game before we complete the customer section.

The Classroom Editions will be based partially on SilverFyre, the vanilla Silverlight interpreter that Chris Cavanagh developed a few months ago. This edition will have a slightly different interface since the audience will be middle-school students and their teachers.

We’ve also gotten help from Giles Boutel from the IF community to help out on the website design.

Meanwhile, coding continues on Giant Leaps (Empath’s Gift) and we’re actively seeking a fourth design/writing team.


Adventure Classic Gaming has published their review of Jack Toresal and The Secret Letter.

New IF Blog

Posted: October 8, 2009 in Uncategorized

I started a creative writing/story idea blog at The purpose is to share story ideas that I may or may not implement. Copyright is assumed, but if someone wants to use an idea, they’re welcome to it. The stories will likely be wire frameworks and couldn’t be copyrighted anyway. I’m also inviting people to contribute, so if you have a wordpress account and want to join the blog, let me know.

Secret Letter is now one of the sample applications listed at Silverlight.Net.

Secret Letter on Silverlight.Net