FyreVM now Open Source

Posted: May 7, 2010 in Blogroll, interactive fiction, Textfyre
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As I begin working on Zifmia, an open source project to develop a cross-ifplatform client/server system, I needed to take an initial first step.

FyreVM, a glulx implementation with a different IO system, is now a sourceforge project under the MIT license.

We’re looking to have TADS 3, z-code, glulx, hugo, and any other systems integrated into zifmia. If you want to chip in programming, it would be greatly appreciated.

  1. […] “FyreVM now Open Source” [glulx interpreter for Textfyre games] https://chicagodave.wordpress.com/2010/05/07/fyrevm-now-open-source/ […]

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