FyreVM and Inform 6

Posted: October 1, 2010 in Blogroll, interactive fiction, Textfyre
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On the way to our mobile platform I discovered that some of the games people want to publish are Inform 6 games. I’d like to maintain a consistent platform using FyreVM and so we’re left with a somewhat non-trivial task. That is, the conversion of the Inform 7 extension “FyreVM Support” to a Glulx Inform 6 library include file.

I may take a crack at this over the coming days, but if anyone else feels up to the challenge, there might be a reward of some sort in exchange for your valiant and much appreciated efforts.

There are a couple of versions of FyreVM Support, one for 5Z71 and one for 6E__. If you’re interested, check out the project source at SourceForge.


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