Nearly all startups go through a period of change. Many go through several periods of change. Most don’t survive these changes. The startups that do manage to stick around tend to adapt to everything thrown at them. They don’t always do it well or immediately, but the ones that survive find some knack for finding the solution to a thousand room maze that few others manage.

Textfyre is on the verge of exiting the startup maze and moving on to being a funded company with strong partnerships and amazing employees. Some of the details remain behind closed doors. Agreements need to be signed, product needs to be prepared, and people need to be notified of the coming changes.

But we’re finally approaching the real launch of Textfyre as a national brand in the Edutainment publishing industry.

These are very exciting and challenging times for me as the founder. I’d like to say that all of the ducks are lined up, but we still need to locate and place a few more of those proverbial ducks. I’m working on a number of fronts, bringing things together, and with a little more work, big announcements will be made in December and January.

These are exciting times for Interactive Fiction.

  1. Matt Wigdahl says:

    Pretty cool news, Dave! Can’t wait to see what’s in the pipe!

  2. Sslaxx says:

    I’m more interested in how some of these tags are relevant to these announcements (as in going to happen, or are ducks needing to be located and placed).

  3. I was wondering if anyone would speculate about the tags associated with the blog entry. These are secret ducks. It’s a teaser. I will say that the big announcements are likely to happen in January.

  4. Sslaxx says:

    Thought of seeing if you could get William Volk interested (or involved) somehow? From the things I understand he’s probably one of the best people who were involved with Infocom after 1989.

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