K Apps Development Moves to the UI

Posted: November 30, 2010 in Blogroll, interactive fiction, Textfyre
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So we’ve got a mostly working version of the engine for what we’re calling our K Apps. We still have some performance issues to work through, but we feel confident that those can be resolved.

Now the UI work begins. We had planned to work with James Terry, but the timing wasn’t quite right and we’re looking at another mobile developer. More later.

  1. Jason Dyer says:

    Nice! Amnesia has an impressive parser, he certainly has experience.

  2. Ant says:

    Dave, you are one of the few (if not two) people that I know of who are working to make commercial IF a reality, and therefore your blog ought to be a source of interest and excitement to me, an enthusiastic (if lapsed) IF player and Zarf backer (and attempted TextFyre backer). And sometimes it is. The problem is that some of your posts — e.g. this one and the previous one — are terse and/or cryptic (“K App”??) and/or near-incomprehensible, which is frustrating for IF fans (i.e. me) eagerly awaiting news of exciting developments in the field. Contrast Zarf’s detailed but accessible updates on Kickstarter.

    • Zarf has the luxury of working on a specific project of his own choosing and control. Some of the things Textfyre is doing have a much broader scope than a single game and include partnerships that remain unannounced for business reasons. The blog tries to keep people aware of what we’re working on without impeding future sales and marketing efforts. Everything has a time and a place. I could announce things today, but we’re not fully prepared for those announcements.

      Of course if you look closely at the last post, you can discern more detail.

  3. cgrainger says:

    Soooo….. K App == Kindle App?


  4. cgrainger says:

    Can I drool too?


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