New IF Writer/Co-Designer Wanted

Posted: January 11, 2011 in Blogroll, interactive fiction, Textfyre
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I have a story that I want to develop into a series of small IF games for Textfyre. I think it has a great potential to be an expansive universe with many interesting characters. It’s science fiction and fantasy set in a future earth. Technology has been developed to give people the ability to do “magic”. The story has action, but will also focus on who attains the power, who is trained for the power, and who is left out. There are existing assumptions within the power structure that can be tested and altered so there are many variations on the basis for the power structure.

The person I choose must haveĀ some IF authoring experience, be passionate about developing something real and long-term, and be willing to work on a sales-based contract.

The goal is to outline stories similar to a television season. So possibly 20 episodes with smaller plots that also develop a larger plot. Each game will be small, but the writing is important. It’s important to offer something exciting and memorable so that the reader/player wants to continue the series.

If you’re interested in heping develop The Cil Wars, let me know.

Sorry….no vampires or werewolves.


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