HTML/CSS/jQuery and FyreVM

Posted: January 21, 2011 in Blogroll, interactive fiction, Textfyre
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So I have a working version of Zifmia, a client/server implementation of FyreVM. Basically, this is FyreVM with a state management wrapper where state is stored on the server. The wrapper and engine are hosted in a web service. I started developing the client web behavior with very basic html controls and it’s now time to design and create something interesting.

I was wondering if anyone with mad jQuery/CSS/HTML skills might want to help out and that’s not even a request to actually write code. Even ideas on how to translate an IF game onto a web page would be great. For instance, I don’t plan to implement a running scrollable textbox with game transcript text. I want to develop a paging mechanism and use jQuery to make it fluid within the browser, so keystrokes will allow movement to previous turn output and returning to the latest “page”. I’d like to implement a CSS based compass rose that shows available visited exits and possible unvisited exits (I’ve recently implemented a new channel that reports, in XML, what the visted and unvisted exits are).

I’m not much of a designer and defintely not a jQuery/CSS developer. I also have many other tasks on my plate.

The result of any work is open source and will be documented and shared with the IF community.


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