PAX East in Boston

Posted: March 11, 2011 in Blogroll, interactive fiction, Textfyre

The IF crew has descended upon PAX East/Boston en masse. We had 25 people for dinner last night and it was a who’s who of Interactive Fiction including Andrew Plotkin, Emily Short, and more.

If you’ve been hiding in your grue-infested cellar and don’t know about it, the Boston IF group is hosting a suite at the Westin at PAX. Look for the flyers and stop by. We’re also having speed-if, panels, and an IF Demo Fair on Saturday in the Alcott room in the Westin. No PAX badge needed for either the suite or the Alcott room.

The big meet and greet IF people is tonight in the suite. Come on out!

  1. TJ says:

    Oh wow – awesome. I write short stories (and partial novels =p), and have tried to code a game, but give up on my nest of error ridden ‘code’ after a couple of days. Something like this’d be great (though a big too long a flight from South Australia) =p.

    Please tell me you guys are trying to poach Em Short? I’m sure she was part of the original textfyre team. I love her games. I am about to purchase your hobbyist’s edition of ‘in the Cathedral’ – not that I’ve run out of awesome free games, but this idea needs to be supported.

    Go you good things (PS if you got a kickstarter project going for a supported (by kindle) interpretor I’m thinking that, with all the latest ‘zork on kindle’ news items you might be successful. I’d anti-up.

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