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After many months of work…

The Shadow in the Cathedral is now available on the Kindle Keyboard and Kindle Touch. The price is $9.99 (the Amazon store does not allow for $9.95, so it’s $.04 more than the PC/Glulx purchase).

I need to thank Jimmy Maher for his programming capability and relentless pursuit of Kindle KDK development.

Shadow will soon be available on Nook, Android, iPad, and Web.


In the last couple of weeks I’ve been doing management tasks for Textfyre. This includes pulling in resumes for curriculum content developers, doing phone screens, and face-to-face interviews. This is going well.

I finalized access to the new Chicago digital start-up lab, 1871 where I will be working with technical and business partners on Textfyre.

I went to the first annual Chicago Moxie Awards last night, which was a huge success. I met the guys from Code Academy, the ladies from 30 Second Mom, a couple of guys from YCharts, and many others. It was an eye-opening experience with a lot of very famous tech start-up people. Matt Moog, Matt Maloney, Paul Lee, Eric Lunt, and many more.

I do have a big announcement on the product side coming in the next week or so….we’re still going to publish fiction-based content to mobile platforms….we’re just refocusing on public education tools for the foreseeable future.