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Posted: July 20, 2012 in Blogroll
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There are all kinds of people and businesses in the startup world. I know some people don’t view writers and directors as such, but I know a few and I would disagree with those people. I think people who throw down their own cash and credit, gather friends and family money, and use crowd sourcing to bring their ideas to life are just as much an entreprenuer as those of us trying to build sustainable business models.

Jack Marchetti’s is one such man. Jack is a 32 year old screenwriter from Chicago and what’s different about Jack is that he’s about to go blind. Not today or tomorrow, but in a few years. This makes for a compelling story. A young man, in the prime of his life, happy and successful as a computer technologist, but faced with a certain future of gradually losing his sight and any ability to direct a movie. It’s one thing for people to have dreams and say, “Well, I can always get back to that later in life.” In Jack’s case, that’s exactly what he cannot do. If he’s going to direct a movie, it has to be right now.

Jack has worked very hard to get one particular script on film. 4 of a Kind is a story about four friends that find themselves in an impossible situation. Motives are unclear, priorities are screwed up, and things happen. Very bad things happen. It’s a very good story with very compelling characters. The script finished in the top 100 of the third season of Project Greenlight, the brainchild of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.

I worked with Jack on two projects as a computer consultant and I’d recommend his work to anyone, not just on his technical credentials, but his affable and intelligent nature. He has the right sense of communication to be an excellent leader on a movie set and I sincerely doubt he’d have any problems working with any level of talent or budget. He’s focused and ready to work.

So with all of that said, I urge you to visit the 4 of a Kind Kickstarter crowd sourcing page and pitch into an important moment in Jack’s life. You can also follow the campaign and eventually the movie-making progress on Twitter and Facebook.


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