Minimal Viable Product

Posted: October 22, 2012 in common core, curriculum, education, Textfyre
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There’s an entreprenurial subculture surrounded what’s called “lean startup”. The idea is that as an entrepreneur you should be testing your idea and vision immediately with your intended customer and finding out as quickly as possible if your vision holds merit.

In testing your vision, you are building a minimal viable product or MVP. You show people what you’re doing, get feedback, adjust, present again, get feedback, adjust again. You do this any number of times until you either have something people love or your vision blurs, pun intended.

So Textfyre is now on the path of MVP (it’s always been a lean startup…but that’s another story).

We’ve identified the content we want to deliver and how we want to deliver it. Now we’re in the process of actually building it out, on paper first, and then in an actual sample story game.

We plan to show this to our own acamdemic personnel as well as teachers and students in the coming weeks. This will give us the feedback we need build a great product, or pivot. I’ll talk about the pivot potential some other time. For now, it’s MVP time.




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