Shadow on Windows 8 User Testing

Posted: December 10, 2013 in Blogroll, education, interactive fiction, Textfyre
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The new Windows 8.1 Store version of The Shadow in the Cathedral is now ready for testing and I could use some volunteers to run through it as much as possible and provide feedback.

You’ll need Windows 8.1 and a Microsoft Email  and Developer Account (apparently MS never thought non-technical people would need to test apps). The developer account is $19 USD, which I will reimburse in the form of your choosing (Amazon gift card, PayPal, etc), with a little extra to show my appreciation. (Remember, this is still mostly a labor of love.)

You can sign up for a dev account here: Click the “Next” button or if you already have a Live/Hotmail account, sign in. You’ll need a valid credit card to complete the process.

Once you have this setup, please drop me a line and I will provide a link to a zip file that you can unblock, unpack, and run the PowerShell script to side-install the application. I’ll also direct you to the bug-tracking website to provide feedback.



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