So I guess that’s it for Textfyre, Inc.

Posted: March 3, 2015 in Blogroll, interactive fiction, Textfyre
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I’ve tried to do a few things to revive my interest in commercial IF in the last three months…the result is that I just don’t have the same passion that I once had…I have other priorities, other interests, and commercial IF, alone in Chicago, is just too hard and just no fun. If I had collaborators of a higher caliber and equal passion, I might have found a reason to continue. All the best IF people still highly engaged are “elsewhere”.

I plan to retain the rights to the Textfyre name and maintain the existing contracts until they’re settled (one way or another).

The corporation is being legally renamed for other purposes.

The Shadow in the Cathedral will remain in game stores, but I’ll probably reduce the price or make it free. Same for Secret Letter.

Empath’s Gift, now being tested for release, will be published for free.

Eventually I’ll get around to releasing all of the documents and assets from Textfyre to the IF-Archive.

Of course this doesn’t mean I’m personally detaching from IF. Hardly. I’m currently actively working on my own story called Reflections and a new web UI to go with it when I release it later this year. That UI will be built with the new Quixe-Channels, for which I am also building resources and tools.

IF is once again, just a hobby for me.

  1. Hey David. I’ve been following for a little while, since I’ve an interest in IF. I just wanted to encourage you. You seem a bit down trodden.

    A few years ago, I launched my own first product for commercial role playing games. It was pretty cool and still better than what else is around today….but it failed miserably. I lost a good bit of money…but most of all it hit me pretty hard emotionally. I realized I had put too much of my own self worth into it…and I had a hard time dealing with the way things played, particularly the frustration of things which were beyond my control.

    In any case….What you’ve made is pretty cool. What you learned while doing it is significant. Enjoy the work of your hands, regardless of whether it “succeeds” in the traditional sense. It’s good to create things…and story telling, I believe, is an important part of being human. You’ve accomplished something that most people don’t even have the courage to try. So, be at peace, and know you’ve done something good. I’ll be looking forward to Reflections.

    • Much appreciated. I’ve been through the “failure” process for the most part. I am very proud of Textfyre. I’m just ready to let it go now. I’m looking forward to playing more IF and just writing my own self-interested tools and stories. And you’re right; being a story-teller is important.

  2. sympodius says:

    Been following Textfyre’s progress through the whole ride and bought all the releases. Sad to see it go, but totally understandable. At least you’ll always know you dreamed high and gave it a go.

  3. Two games exist that would otherwise not have been brought into this world, David. That is incredible. You got people working together to great new text adventures, you shipped and that is a great thing. A triumph. 🙂

    I understand that there were business objectives that go into it, but you made — and continue to make! — the scene a better place.

    To Texfyre!

  4. zurlocker says:

    Sorry to hear of this change. Nonetheless, I’m glad IF still interests you. You’ve learned enough about IF design that I hope you would consider writing a book on IF Design in Inform7. Best of luck going forward.

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