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We’re in need of a new Inform 7 programmer. You have to be a very strong Inform 7 programmer at this point and you’d also have to be somewhat known to me in the community. If you have some spare time and are interested in pitching in with changes to Secret Letter and finishing Empath’s Gift, please contact me.

David at TF (full name) dot com.

On the way to our mobile platform I discovered that some of the games people want to publish are Inform 6 games. I’d like to maintain a consistent platform using FyreVM and so we’re left with a somewhat non-trivial task. That is, the conversion of the Inform 7 extension “FyreVM Support” to a Glulx¬†Inform 6 library include file.

I may take a crack at this over the coming days, but if anyone else feels up to the challenge, there might be a reward of some sort in exchange for your valiant and much appreciated efforts.

There are a couple of versions of FyreVM Support, one for 5Z71 and one for 6E__. If you’re interested, check out the project source at SourceForge.

I’m sure anyone reading the blog and interested in the progress of Textfyre is wondering when we’re going to publish our first game. As I have said from the beginning, “We’ll get there when we get there.” and that statement still holds true today. We make progress in spots and we’re learning a lot about the business and artistic needs of the company as we go. Here are some of the things that have happened recently…

I did indeed hire an assistant, Sara Lieberum, to help with the internal business processes. Sara is an expert at helping start-up companies get organized and she’s a welcome addition to our team.

In the search for an assistant, I also found Justin Greene. He didn’t fit the assistant position, but he has a a great¬†understanding of school systems and so we’ve hired him as our educational consultant. Justin is busy learning about Interactive Fiction, our products, and will be developing the lecture and lesson plans for middle school language arts classes. This coincides with our plans to develop an institutional version of each game.

In the process of looking for a UI developer, two people approached me that may well solve many problems going forward. The first, Will Capellaro, is a brand design developer. He’s taking on the role as part-time Art Director for Textfyre and has already proven to be an excellent partner in helping me understand the business side of managing artwork development.

The second was Thomas Lynge from Tenteo in Denmark. Thomas is a big fan of Interactive Fiction and has already started to help with the UI programming. They’re experts with WPF and Silverlight and have suggested that they would be very interested in developing a Silverlight version of the UI. Since having an online playable version of our games is important, this is a fantastic development.

On the game side of things, Secret Letter is nearing completion with its testing, Klockwerk is in the final writing stages and I7 programming is in-progress, and Giant Leaps has just begun its writing phase.

I’m hoping to have teaser online playable version of Secret Letter ready the next time I post. Stay tuned.