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When I was at TechWeek, a start-up/entrepreneurial conference here in Chicago, I met a couple of representatives from Encyclopedia Britannica. We chatted about my company and what we could do if we worked together. This led to a meeting in their office in the city this morning.

I gave them a demonstration of various Interactive Fiction examples and we talked about how we could develop classroom oriented applications using their content and the IF medium. They were very excited about the prospect and we’re moving forward with a plan to develop a prototype. They’re offering access to all of their content and when the prototype is ready, they will do the leg work of putting in front of administrators, teachers, and students and gathering feedback. If the prototype looks marketable, they will take over the entire marketing and sales process.

Textfyre has moved away from a strictly education-oriented model, but this is likely to branch some of my efforts, which is a good thing.

I still need to get in touch with my contact at the Chicago Public Schools, so stay tuned for more education-oriented news.


Textfyre is extremely close to completing its delivery platform, proving its concept, and building a customer base.

In order to enable growth we are now looking for a Marketing Director to become a founding member of our company. The ideal candidate would be someone with publishing experience, education experience, and building trust with soccer moms or parents looking for supplemental education products.

This is an immediate and critical need. Please contact me directly if you’re interested.

David Cornelson, President
voice: +1 01 630 803 4302
email: david plaque textfyre dust com (where plaque is @ and dust is .)

Once upon a time there was a tween girls social networking site called iTwixie. One day, a start-up Interactive Fiction software publisher named Textfyre called upon iTwixie to see if they would like to be friends. iTwixie, represented by its owner, Rebecca Gaynier, checked out Textfyre’s demo game Shadow in the Cathedral and thought Textfyre had great potential as a friend to iTwixie and vice versa.

Anyway, Rebecca and I have chatted and she’s very interested in ways we can bring IF to her audience of tween girls. Obviously this is an important portion of our target market and I believe we can tell stories in ways that will be greatly appreciated by iTwixie’s users.

I look forward to continued conversations with iTwixie, bringing their ideas into our stories and having thier users review and play our games.

It could be a very beneficial partnership for both companies.