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If you haven’t seen it, The Shadow in the Cathedral received another 4-star review yesterday. I had a few sales come through and wondered if something was up. Searched for news and found it.

In other news, the Windows 8 Store version of Shadow is moving forward slowly. We’re a bit more than half done updating the game file for touch usability. I’m currently implementing a new compass rose control and then I need to add an about and help view. Then I need to do a little design tweaking to make it look seamless. Once all of those tasks are completed, it goes into testing and then published.

Once I knock that out, I’ll start porting the new UX to HTML 5 and a cloud based version of Shadow.

In turn, that will feed into a new MVP for the classroom version known as T.A.L.E.S.

I went to another Startup Weekend last weekend, this one dedicated to educational start-ups. It was a ton of fun and if you’re a programmer, designer, or business person, I highly recommend attending one. My pitch didn’t get votes so I joined another team to build a Fantasy Sports take on teaching Geo Politics. Each student drafts a country and each country is award points on a weekly basis. Students win more points by doing various writing assignments. I’m going to stick with the idea to see it through MVP status and potentially partner with the guy that came up with the idea.

I’m feeling very relaxed these days and my urge to write is returning. I didn’t get a chance to do a comp game like I wished, but a game is coming soon. I may even get one of my kids to write a game. Should be fun.

I’m looking forward to the next version of Inform 7 when it comes out and playing the comp games in a few days.