Middle School Teacher for R&D
We are seeking an experienced middle school teacher with a background in language arts, social studies, and/or history subject matter. A talent for developing curriculum is preferred along with a strong interest in developing technological solutions to learning efficiency, progress-tracking, and retention.

User Experience (UX) Designer
We are seeking a highly experienced and proven user experience designer to mock up a common UI theme for all platforms, including: PC, Mac, iPhone/iPod Touch, iPad, Android, Windows Phone 7 Series, and Kindle. The design will also be used to rebrand the company. Deliverables would be detailed wireframes and sketches.

Contact David somewhere at Textfyre avoiding spam period Com (remove ‘somewhere’ and ‘avoiding spam’) or call +1 1 630 803 4302 for more information.

Apple Developer
We have an open source implementation of FyreVM with iPhone, iPad, and OS X shared code at Feel free to jump in and help get it completed so we can all publish games to those platforms.